Review: Afternoon Tea at the Hyatt Regency Perth

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

Review by Christine Milton

The Perth Hyatt offers an afternoon tea in their Cafe Restaurant, which is a gastronomic delight. Set in a contemporary decor, a warm cosy ambience permeates the setting, which is ideal for afternoon tea.

As explained by the staff, afternoon tea offered is a semi buffet style, tea and sandwiches are served to your table and the extensive sweets buffet is open for you to explore. The sandwiches consisted of a choice of five different fillings as well as a wholemeal or white bread option. Beverages offered were unlimited tea and coffee, pre made and served from a large tea/coffee pot by the waitstaff.

The dessert bar caters for an array of tastes. Numerous savoury pastries are available, plus fresh scones warmed on a griddle and accompanied by a choice of three fruit laden jams and double cream. Fruit tarts, cream cakes, shooter deserts and fresh fruit and nuts continue to tantalise the taste buds.

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

Because the Cafe afternoon tea is very popular, and appeared to be the setting for many family birthday celebrations, you may find yourself sitting in the Atrium adjoining the Cafe. This is not altogether a bad thing, what it lacks in cosiness, it gains in the light music played on the grand piano.

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

Hyatt Hotel afternoon tea

The tables don’t have tablecloths, this is in keeping with the ‘contemporary’ decor. There were nice white fabric napkins and the cups of a fine china, were large enough for a decent cup of tea. Although, because the tea was made and served to all tables, it tasted rather stewed and was a bit on the cool side, but a pot of hot water was delivered when requested. There was no choice of tea and it was served in a pot with tea bags hanging out.

Because it is a licensed facility, there is the option to buy wine or champagne to accompany your afternoon tea.

Summary: A good value for money high tea because of the extensive choice on the buffet. The staff friendliness and knowledge was exceptional.

Location: Hyatt Regency Perth, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA, Australia
When: Saturday and Sunday 3–5pm
Bookings: 08 9225 1234

  • Claire says:

    Lovely setting for high tea on New Year’s Day, a great way to see in the 2011. Our party of 3 was seated at 3:05pm. A waitress took us to our table but then walked off without explaining the logistics (dessert buffet with tea, sandwiches and water being brought around by waitresses). No one came back to our table until 3:17pm when the first round of sandwiches were offered to us. It also took a while for the iced water and tea to come around. We also ended up asking for our own pot of leaf tea as the tea that’s brought around was already brewed and was slightly bitter.

    The dessert bar had a great selection of tasty morsels for the sweet and savoury tooths. Even after two plates each I don’t think we’d sampled half the bar, nor the gourmet biscuits and other cakes displayed in the bar’s pillars. The freshly made waffles also went down a treat, giving you a choice of ice cream flavours and topping on the spot. The raspberry cheesecake slices and filo egg tarts were amazing. When the second round of sandwiches were offered to us, there were no salmon sandwiches left prompting one of the girls to ask for some more to be brought over. The waitress was quick to action the request but we later disappointed by having to 1) ask the matre d to send a waitress around with the third round of sandwiches. This took forever and it was only pot luck that a waitress came around. Then, when there were no egg sandwiches left on the platter our request for a replenishment was taken but never actioned.

    The ambience of the venue was lovely, complete with huge running fountain in the centre of the high tea area and man playing jazzy tunes on a grand piano. Unfortunately, we were seated right near a pillar which blocked our view of said piano man. There were also bigger parties around the other side of the fountain which the waitresses seemed to favour more – the likely explanation of us having to wait too long for the tea and sandwiches. I suggest, if you know the layout of the venue, request a certain area of the café when making your booking.

    Overall, a pleasant experience but for $45pp without champagne, the attentiveness of the wait staff could have been better…still tempted to return to try the rest of the dessert bar!

  • Judithannusher says:

    I rang up and they said the price was $48. And had been for awhile. Why then do you still advertise it on the Internet for $35?
    I would have booked it for $35. Now may go elsewhere

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